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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my visit confidential?

Yes. Our professional and licensed clinical staff are mandated by state law regulating their state licensure to maintain strict confidentiality.

Are there exceptions to confidentiality?

Yes. California State Law requires that information or records be released when ordered by the court - when child, dependent adults, elder abuse is suspected; when the EAS staff has assessed a direct threat of harm to you, someone else or property of another.

Can my supervisor make me go to the Employee Assistance Services?

No. Your supervisor can suggest you go to EAS if she/he feels there is a problem impacting your work performance or personal life. Your supervisor will provide you with the EAS phone number for you to schedule an appointment. He/she then tells you why she/he thinks it is important and asks you to attend. You may decline to attend.

Is the first EAS appointment on county time?

The first appointment may be on county time if approved by your department. All departments are encouraged to grant county time for a supervisory referral.

Can my supervisor access information about my EAS visits?

No. Your supervisor will only know of your presence at EAS if you inform him/her yourself or if you sign consent for an EAS staff member to release information to a supervisor. Does the information I share with my EAS counselor go in my employee file? No. Your EAS record is considered a medical record and per professional standards the strictest level of confidentiality applies. Therefore your medical record is separate and apart from your employee file. These records are accessible to EAS personnel only. Who has access to EAS records? No one, other than EAS staff. Records are maintained in a secured location and EAS abides by California State Law governing confidentiality as discussed above.

How long are the sessions?

The first session is usually 1 to 1.5 hours. Subsequent sessions generally take about an hour. Do I have to use MY time to attend? Maybe. If your supervisor has referred you ---for any reason---the first visit may be on "county time", as though you are at work but must be first approved by your department. However, you are responsible for any follow up visits and may use sick, vacation, and any time you have accrued.

May I choose the therapist I wish to see?

Yes, depending on availability and occasionally the area of expertise needed to address your particular concern. Can I be seen the same day I call? Possibly, but we guarantee that one of our licensed staff will speak with you immediately upon your phone call to us. You will have the opportunity to speak with the counselor confidentially and your immediate needs will be addressed during the phone call.

Where are the offices located?

The two EAS offices are located in downtown Riverside near the intersection of Mission Inn Avenue and Lime Street and the Bermuda Dunes office is on Washington Street, between Hovley Lane and Country Club Drive inside the JFK Medical Plaza. Our offices are in the business community, separate from County facilities, although there may be County facilities in the surrounding areas. Our offices are pleasant, comfortable and handicap accessible. Parking is free and convenient.

What are the EAS hours?

Business hours for both locations are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Appointment hours vary. We are closed weekends and holidays.

What is the relationship between EAS and Exclusive Care?

EAS manages all mental health and substance abuse benefits for Exclusive Care members. When an Exclusive Care member seeks mental health or substance abuse counseling or treatment their case is assessed and managed by an EAS clinician.

Will EAS counseling meet requirements for Court or School ordered counseling for myself or eligible family member?

No. EAS does not do any kind of mandated counseling, and as a rule, does not write letters to courts, schools or other related entities. Can my file at EAS be subpoenaed? Yes. EAS records are occasionally subpoenaed by the court. Can other family members access EAS services? Only the spouse, registered domestic partner and dependent children under the age of 26 are eligible for services. If you are the legal guardian of a child, verification will be required.

Can telephone sessions be arranged?

This is up to the discretion of the clinician, but is usually not the case.

Can EAS write an off-work order for me?

No. EAS does not get involved in writing off-work orders.

Can EAS help me with a transfer, or a raise?

Not directly. However, an EAS staff member can help you explore and address the concerns you have about your work performance, work satisfaction and work relationships.

Does EAS work? Will it help me?

The therapeutic process is not effective for each person, and each person responds differently to treatment. At EAS we try hard to treat each person with respect for the client's dignity and with a high degree of professionalism. Whether you benefit from your experience at EAS is determined by you alone.

Will seeking counseling through EAS jeopardize my job or promotional opportunities?

Counseling will not jeopardize an employee’s job security or promotional opportunities; nor does it relieve an employee of responsibility for meeting acceptable job performance and attendance standards.

Do I need a referral from my supervisor to make an appointment?

No. A management referral is not necessary for you to make an appointment with an EAS staff member. You may self-refer.

Do I have to accompany my family member(s) for him or her to access EAS benefits?

No. Only in cases involving a minor. Otherwise, qualified family members may schedule and attend appointments without you being present. However, EAS will ask the family member for identifying employee information such as, the employee’s name, ID and department, job title and date of hire.


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