Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Tips for Holiday and Life



The “most wonderful time of the year” or the most stressful?  The holidays can be fun and joyful, but they can also be overwhelming and exhausting. We at Employee Assistance Services want to help you keep your stress levels down, so you can enjoy the holidays.  Here are tips on how to reduce holiday and life stress:


  • - Keep a positive outlook 

  • - Eat well and sleep well 

  • - Exercise 

  • - Reflect on what's important to you 

  • - Set realistic goals and plans

  • - Ask for help 

  • - Do something positive for someone else 

  • - There is always someone less fortunate - give back, volunteer, or make a donation 

  • - Forgiveness - let go of anger and resentment, let go of self-criticism  and forgive yourself

  • - Practice self-nurturance / self-care 

  • - Ground yourself / meditate 

  • - Reach out to positive people 

  • - If you cannot avoid stress, take breaks from the stress 

  • - Find gratitude in your life every day 


If you’re struggling to reduce stress, reach out to EAS, we are here to help.  Contact EAS toll free at 1(888)829-8999, by email EAS@rivco.org or through our mobile app – EAS RivCo.  Our mobile app is free and available for Android and iPhone (company ID: easrivco).

Our staff at EAS wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!!


Download the free mobile app EAS RivCo today.  It’s available on Google and the App Store; to log-in, you will need the company ID (please call EAS at 1(888)829-8999 or email us at eas@rivco.org for ID code).