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Archived EAS Webinars

Here you'll find a list of recorded webinars starting with the last webinar in descending order.  Powerpoint presentation available upon request, please send request by email. If you have a webinar topic idea that you would like share, do tell us about it!  We want to hear from you. Send your suggestions to us via email at eas@rivco.org. All suggestions will be reviewed and considered.


April:The Impact of Social Media on Teens & Kids Presented by: Isela Baron, LMFT 4/11/18 (PowerPoint)
March: Grief & Loss  Presented by: Adriana Rodriguez, LMFT 3/28/18  (PowerPoint)
February:Adult-ADHD Presented by: Michael Walker, Psy.D.  2/28/18  (PowerPoint)
January: To Be (Vegan) Or Not To Be  Presented by: Hsuehmei Price, Psy.D. 01/31/18  (PowerPoint)

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December:Mind Body & Technology  Presented by: Michael Walker, PhD 12/20/17 (PowerPoint)
November: Menopause: It’s Not Just My Imagination  Presented by: Erica Wilson, PhD 11/16/17 (PowerPoint)
October Mindful Eating  Presented by: Dr. Hsuehmei Price, PsyD. With Guest:Elizabeth Lee Registered Dietitian, Well-being Educator Culture of Health 9/25/17 (PowerPoint)
September: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Presented by: Mark Cox, LMFT 9/27/17 (PowerPoint)
August: The Psychological Effects of Financial Stress Presented by: Isela Baron, LMFT 8/22/17 (PowerPoint)
July: The Psychological Benefits of Exercise Presented by: Mark Cox, LMFT, With Special Guest Speaker: Ryan Wann, County Of Riverside Wellness Educator7/18/17 (PowerPoint)
June: Anxiety Presented by: Dr. Erica Wilson PsyD. 6/28/17 (PowerPoint)
May: The Psychological Aspects Of Divorce With Regards To Parenting Presented by: Mark Cox, LMFT 5/24/17 (PowerPoint)
April: Planning For Retirement Presented by: Jerry Kunkel, LMFT 4/20/16 (PowerPoint)
March: Depression Presented by: Hsuehmei Price, PsyD. 3/23/17 (PowerPoint)
February: ADHD Presented by: Michael Walker, PsyD. 2/22/17 (PowerPoint)
January: EAS Services Presented by: Isela Baron, LMFT 1/24/17 (PowerPoint)

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December: General Life Balance Presented by: Dr. Jamie Rotnofsky 12/7/16 (PowerPoint)
November: Grief Presented by: Gerald B. Kunkel, LMFT 11/17/16 (PowerPoint)
October: Emotional Eating  Presented by: Dr. Erica Wilson 10/26/16 (PowerPoint)
September: Understanding The Psychological Aspects Of Interpersonal Conflict Presented by: Dr. Wilson & Dr. Price 9/28/16 (PowerPoint)
August:Alcohol Abuse Presented by: Isela Baron, MFT 8/23/16 (PowerPoint)
July: Disappointment & Rejection Presented by: Mark Cox, MFT 7/14/16 (PowerPoint)
June: The Resilient Child Presented by: Isela Baron, MFT 6/21/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
May:Fostering Resilience Presented by: Dr. Price, PsyD. 5/25/16  (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
April: Budgeting-Money Matters: The psychological aspects of spending behavior Presented by: Mark Cox, MFT 4/21/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
March:Healthy Brain/Healthy Body Presented by: Dr. Mike Walker 3/23/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
February: Coping with stress Presented by: Jerry Kunkel, MFT 2/25/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
January: Vicarious Trauma Presented by: Dr. Mike Walker 1/27/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
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December: Biofeedback (PowerPoint)
December: Special Edition Webinar - Active Shooter Preparedness (PowerPoint)
October: Teen Girls & Self-Esteem (PowerPoint)
September: Let's Talk - Understanding Communication Strategies (PowerPoint)
August: Anxiety in Children (PowerPoint)
July: Adults Going Back to School (PowerPoint)
June: Children and Divorce (PowerPoint)
May: Depression, Part II (PowerPoint)
April: Gambling Addictions (PowerPoint)
March: PTSD - When Trauma Overwhelms (PowerPoint)
February: Healthy Heart with guest speaker - Dr. Gregory Price, Board Certified Cardiologist (Powerpoint)
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