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Archived EAS Webinars

Here you'll find a list of recorded webinars starting with the last webinar in descending order.  Powerpoint presentation available upon request, please send request by email. If you have a webinar topic idea that you would like share, do tell us about it!  We want to hear from you. Send your suggestions to us via email at All suggestions will be reviewed and considered.


April: TBA
March: Depression Presented by: Hsuehmei Price, PsyD. 3/23/17
February: ADHD Presented by: Michael Walker, PsyD. 2/22/17 (PowerPoint)
January: EAS Services Presented by: Isela Baron, LMFT 1/24/17 (PowerPoint)

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December: General Life Balance Presented by: Dr. Jamie Rotnofsky 12/7/16 (PowerPoint)
November: Grief Presented by: Gerald B. Kunkel, LMFT 11/17/16 (PowerPoint)
October: Emotional Eating  Presented by: Dr. Erica Wilson 10/26/16 (PowerPoint)
September: Understanding The Psychological Aspects Of Interpersonal Conflict Presented by: Dr. Wilson & Dr. Price 9/28/16 (PowerPoint)
August:Alcohol Abuse Presented by: Isela Baron, MFT 8/23/16 (PowerPoint)
July: Disappointment & Rejection Presented by: Mark Cox, MFT 7/14/16 (PowerPoint)
June: The Resilient Child Presented by: Isela Baron, MFT 6/21/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
May: Fostering Resilience Presented by: Dr.  Hsuemei Price 5/25/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
April: Budgeting-Money Matters: The psychological aspects of spending behavior Presented by: Mark Cox, MFT 4/21/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
March:Healthy Brain/Healthy Body Presented by: Dr. Mike Walker 3/23/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
February: Coping with stress Presented by: Jerry Kunkel, MFT 2/25/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
January: Vicarious Trauma Presented by: Dr. Mike Walker 1/27/16 (PowerPoint) (Closed Captioning Available)
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December: Biofeedback (PowerPoint)
December: Special Edition Webinar - Active Shooter Preparedness (PowerPoint)
October: Teen Girls & Self-Esteem (PowerPoint)
September: Let's Talk - Understanding Communication Strategies (PowerPoint)
August: Anxiety in Children (PowerPoint)
July: Adults Going Back to School (PowerPoint)
June: Children and Divorce (PowerPoint)
May: Depression, Part II (PowerPoint)
April: Gambling Addictions (PowerPoint)
March: PTSD - When Trauma Overwhelms (PowerPoint)
February: Healthy Heart with guest speaker - Dr. Gregory Price, Board Certified Cardiologist (Powerpoint)
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