Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Archived KEAS Forums

Here you'll find a list of recorded forums starting with the last forum presented. If you have a forum topic idea that you would like share, please tell us about it! We want to hear from you. Send your suggestions to us via email at eas@rivco.org. All suggestions will be reviewed and considered. If you experience technical difficulties, please contact RCIT Help Desk at (951)955-9900.


December: The Year In Review  (PowerPoint)
November: The Psychological Benefits of a Grateful Attitude  (PowerPoint)
October: Coping with Tragedy - Building a Resilient Community  (PowerPoint)
September: The Psychological Effects of Adjusting to Seasonal Change 
August: The Psychological Aspects of Change & Transition in the Workplace  
July: A Place For Everything and Everything in it’s Place
June: Getting Unstuck (PowerPoint)
May: The Psychological Aspects of Resiliency
April: Stress Management
March: Interactions in the Workplace
February: Relationships That Work (PowerPoint)
January: That One Thing in 2017   


December KEAS-Resiliency
November KEAS-The Psychological Aspects Of Managing Anger 
October KEAS-Knowing Your True Self (Pt.2)
September KEAS-Knowing Your True Self    (PowerPoint)
August: KEAS-Being Essential In Your Own Life  (PowerPoint)
July: KEAS-Becoming Essential At Work   (PowerPoint)
June: KEAS-Adjusting to your Empty Nest  (PowerPoint)
May: KEAS-ADHD: Kids & Homework
April: KEAS-To tell the truth
March: Seasonal Affective Disorder  
KEAS-Building Assertiveness   
January: KEAS-Difficult Changes in Family Function (Closed Captioning Available)