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Biofeedback Sessions at EAS

At EAS we use biofeedback equipment that will help you learn to control your body more effectively. The goal of biofeedback training is to teach your body to go into certain states without the use of the biofeedback equipment. Think of biofeedback as merely a trainer, like the training wheels on your first bicycle. Biofeedback sessions are easy, fun, self-guided, and effective. All you have to do is place the biofeedback sensors on three of your fingers and then follow the on-screen prompts. You proceed at your own pace and comfort level. Of course we will be there if you have questions or concerns. If you would like to schedule a biofeedback session, please call us at 1(888)829-8999.



What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a technique that trains people to improve their health by controlling certain bodily processes that normally happen involuntarily, such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and skin temperature. Electrodes attached to your skin measure these processes and display them on a monitor. With help from a biofeedback therapist, you can learn to change your heart rate or blood pressure, for example. At first you use the monitor to see your progress, but eventually you will be able to achieve success without the monitor or electrodes. Biofeedback is an effective therapy for many conditions including stress and anxiety.

How does biofeedback work?

Researchers aren’t sure exactly how or why biofeedback works. However, there does seem to be at least one common thread: most people who benefit from biofeedback have conditions that are brought on or made worse by stress. For this reason, many scientists believe that relaxation is the key to successful biofeedback therapy. When your body is under chronic stress, internal processes like blood pressure become overactive. Guided by a biofeedback therapist, you can learn to lower your blood pressure through relaxation techniques and mental exercises. When you are successful, you see the results on the monitor, which encourages your efforts.

Are there any risks associated with biofeedback?

Biofeedback is considered safe. No negative side effects have been reported.

How long are biofeedback sessions?

Biofeedback sessions can range from 30 minutes to an hour.