Monday, August 19, 2019

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Supervisors & Managers


Partnering with EAS 

We know that being a supervisor or manager is a complex job. With nearly twenty thousand employees, managers are faced with the task of facilitating the goals of county government and the needs of individuals who make up its workforce. It is helpful to know that there are professional resources available to assist you in resolving some of the tough employee-related problems you face.

You are in a good position to help direct an employee toward finding the assistance he/she needs. You can also be a very important influence on the individual’s decision to follow through.

EAS partners with the management of Riverside County to provide customized solutions to maximize the health and vitality of its employees. When an employee is being impacted in such a way that his/her job performance or well-being is at stake, management is faced with difficult questions:

  1. Is there a change in an employee’s appearance, attendance and/or performance?
  2. Can the employee’s job be saved?
  3. Can the employee be rehabilitated?
  4. Is the employee a danger to himself or others?
  5. Are drugs or alcohol involved?
  6. Is the employee being subjected to discrimination or harassment?
  7. Is the employee facing a layoff?

These questions, as well as other concerns, frequently confront today’s managers and supervisors. It is the job of the EAS Team to provide you with a confidential consultation. Also, EAS can help to assess the needs of the employee who is undergoing difficult circumstances and provide treatment options.

Right Direction for Me (for Employers) - The Right Direction is an educational initiative created to raise awareness about depression in the workplace, promote early recognition of symptoms and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Employee Assistance Services Managers and Supervisors Brochure (click here)