Friday, September 20, 2019

For Emergencies Call: 911
Crisis Hotline: (951) 686-4357


Overview of Services

Management Consultation

Managers and Supervisors may consult with EAS for assistance with individual employees having job performance, conduct, and attendance problems or an entire unit which may need help in resolving conflict or other workplace matters, at no charge to the department.

Employee Referrals

We will assist you with an employee who is experiencing personal or work related problems that can begin to have an impact on their personal-wellbeing, work-performance, and career. Facilitating a referral is easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. Show care and concern.
  2. Describe what EAS is and how to contact the program. Stress the confidentiality of EAS. Provide the EAS brochure.
  3. Explain that EAS is an available resource for employees experiencing problems in their personal life and on the job.
  4. Emphasize that EAS is confidential, provide EAS contact information and brochure.
  5. We encourage you to approve county time for the first EAS visit and for psychological testing appointments.
  6. Follow-up EAS visits are similar to doctor’s appointments and are the employees’ private business.
  7. Stress the confidentiality of EAS and provide an EAS brochure.

If you require verification of the first EAS visit or psychological testing ask the employee to provide you with a “Certificate of Attendance”. ​​​​​​​​​

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

In the event of a crisis facing a department, the EAS Team is trained in CISD and can provide on-site interventions for your staff.

What is CISD?

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is the management of traumatic reactions by survivors that can be useful after a life-threatening event has occurred .Psychological reactions are common after a critical incident. A critical incident can involve any situation or event faced by individuals that causes a distressing, dramatic or profound change or disruption in their physical or psychological functioning. The traumatic event elicits distress as it has threatened the safety of the individual, business, and or community.  


EAS clinicians can provide training in areas such as: Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Coping with Downsizing, Effective Communication, Change Management, and Work Group Dynamics to name only a few. EAS is available to help you as managers address these problems. Our staff is prepared to assist you in your ever demanding role as supervisor/manager. The presentations are “solution focused” to meet the demands facing Riverside County’s workforce.

The most requested topic for trainings/workshops is on stress and its impact on the overall department and the employee. How employees cope with stress can directly impact their attitude, work performance and overall wellbeing. EAS clinicians can intervene to provide coping strategies to help employees balance their lives, at home and at work. Our job at EAS is to provide stress management strategies which are proven to be effective.

Management Training

EAS provides training for supervisors and managers covering a variety of issues they face with employees and how to best utilize EAS services.

EAS licensed professionals are available to consult with departments when an employee’s job performance is being affected by personal problems and or the employee is not responding to supervision.

EAS is available to help you initiate individual employee referrals, address departmental issues such as stress in the workplace, consumer relations, conflict management; and develop customized trainings for your department.

Personal Counseling

Managers are people too. Personal and professional problems can affect daily functioning. When this happens our attention is divided. During these times it can be very difficult to manage. Don’t wait until it is a crisis. EAS is here to work with you as manager or employee. Schedule a confidential appointment with an EAS licensed therapist. The EAS benefit of up to 6 sessions a year applies to supervisors, managers and their eligible family members.

Confidentiality: Information disclosed to EAS is maintained in the strictest confidence possible under law. Due to the confidential nature of EAS, supervisors and managers can discuss employee concerns and questions. Appointment dates, times and content shared with an EAS professional is held in strictest confidence and may be released only by written consent by the client or as required by law. The law limits confidentiality when an employee is a danger to self, danger to another person, or the property of another person, child abuse and elder and dependent abuse.


For additional information on any of these services or to schedule a consultation please call us toll free at 1(888)829-8999. We are here to help.